Fantasy Soccer: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever played fantasy sports?

Fantasy soccer is a popular game that can be enjoyed by anyone who loves the sport. This blog post will teach you how to play and how to set up your league, as well as some tips for drafting players!

What Is Fantasy Soccer?

Fantasy soccer, also known as fantasy football or FPL (fantasy Premier League), is a game in which you compete against your friends by building the best possible team of real-life players.

You will play with one captain and nine other players, all from different teams who are competing in the English Premier League (EPL). Each week, players earn points based on how well they play.

The better they perform, the more points you earn. You want to draft players who are playing well and earning points.

The goal of the game is to earn as many points as possible!

Why Should You Play Fantasy Soccer?

There are many reasons to play fantasy soccer. It adds another level of excitement as you will be rooting for your players, no matter how much they are being paid! It is also a great way to get into the game if you are new to it.

Additionally, there are many types of leagues and ways to play fantasy soccer, and it is a great way for friends or co-workers to bond.

Also, by playing fantasy football, you will learn how to manage your fantasy team and how real-life players perform. This is a great way to test out different strategies and how they perform.

How to Play and Set Up a League

Now that you know what fantasy soccer is, let's discuss how to actually play it! You will need at least one other person in your league with whom you can communicate throughout the season about who has been playing well or who isn't performing how they should be.

To start, you will need to pick a platform on which to play. There are many options available that all offer different benefits and drawbacks for the player. Popular platforms include Yahoo! Fantasy Soccer, DraftKings, and FanDuel. Once you have decided how much money to spend on your league (most leagues cost between $20 and $100), you can create your league.

Now that your fantasy soccer platform is set up, it's time to draft players! You will be given a budget of £100 million (or whatever amount you chose) with which to pick nine other players on top of the one captain who earns double points each week. Each player is assigned a price, and you have to either draft that player or pick someone else. Be careful not to spend all of your money!

Once the players are drafted, it's time for the fun part: playing! You will earn points based on how well each of your players does in their respective EPL matches every week. For example, if your player scores a goal, you will earn six points.

Different Types of Leagues

If you're looking for something that is more challenging than just playing with one other person in your league, there are many different types of leagues to choose from!  Each type has its own unique rules and scoring system. Some popular formats include:

  • head to head leagues, which work just like they sound: you play one other person, and the winner takes all
  • total points leagues, where the winner is determined by how many points their team accumulates over a set number of matches
  • weekly redraft leagues, which are just like they sound: every week you have to draft new players for your team. This requires more research than other types but can be very rewarding!  This type of league also gives you the option to trade players with other teams, which is not possible in a keeper or dynasty league.
  • salary cap leagues – how well you do is affected by how much money you spend on your players. This makes it important for teams to draft cheap but talented players!
  • rotisserie-style leagues – all scores are tallied up and ranked from highest to lowest. The team with the most points at the end of it all wins!
  • daily or weekly leagues – you play every week (or every day) and choose players for that game only, which makes it much more strategic than choosing someone who plays several games per week. You will receive double points if your captain is playing in the game you are playing fantasy soccer for, but make sure to check before starting!

Tips For Drafting Players

Now that you know how to play fantasy soccer, it's time to talk about how to draft players! Remember: the best way to win is by having a team that outscores everyone else. Look for players who play on high-scoring teams and pay attention to how well they've been doing recently so that you can avoid players whose performance might be on the decline. Don't be afraid to pick up a player who is hot right now, even if they haven't performed as well historically.

Also, always pay attention to how many minutes a player gets on the pitch! If it's a tight match, it's unlikely that the star player will get to play much. Instead of wasting a valuable draft pick on someone who won't play many minutes, it's better to draft a player who will get more time on the pitch.

Finally, don't forget how much money you have left in your budget! This is especially important if you are playing a salary cap league. Drafting players who will earn more money than you have available is a surefire way to lose!


Fantasy soccer is a game in which participants assemble their own teams of real-life football players and score points based on those players' actual performances.

It's played by millions of people around the world, not just during the World Cup! You can play for free or with money – find out more about how to set up your league below. What are you waiting for? Get started now!