Big Fish Casino Review (2024) Here’s What We Found Out..

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Big Fish Casino Review

Big Fish Casino makes it their mission to enhance your gaming experience through “exceptional play!”

But will you catch a big fish?

Explore the ocean (and the answers) in our Big Fish Casino review!

About Big Fish Casino

  • Big Fish Casino launched in 2012.
  • The brand is owned and operated by Aristocrat Gaming Limited (previously Aristocrat Leisure Limited), the largest gambling machine manufacturer in Australia.
  • Despite being the second-largest manufacturer of slot machines worldwide, the company doesn’t have any gambling licenses (that we could find).
  • Their games run on proprietary software developed by Aristocrat Gaming.

Big Fish Casino’s website is modern and responsive, showcasing the site’s most popular games on the homepage. This is inviting, as the graphics are very attractive!

You can find the brand on social media:

Or you can contact them directly via:

What Games Does Big Fish Casino Offer?

Big Fish Casino offers casino games in the following categories:

  • Casino Table Games
  • Slots

Big Fish Casino is part of a bigger site, Big Fish Games.

The main site offers a massive variety of PC and Mac games, but the casino side is more limited with fewer options.

Additionally, the casino table games are a unique hybrid of your average live casino games and automated casino games, as they’re played on automated tables but with more than one person at the table at any given time.

The games and slots are also designed vertically to ensure a more pleasant mobile experience, and the entire experience is “gamified” in a way reminiscent of a rewards program.

Players can progress through systems and unlock slots as they go along. However, one thing players will recognize and appreciate is the selection of jackpots and progressive jackpots!

Let’s “dive in” for a closer look at the “fish in the sea.”

Casino Table Games

Big Fish Casino Casino Table Games

Everything about Big Fish Casino is an anomaly – including its casino table games. To start, the selection is limited.

In fact, they only offer six rooms for all three games (roulette, blackjack, and poker):

  • Atlantic City
  • Caribbean Cruise
  • Las Vegas Strip
  • Paris Lights
  • Monaco Mansion
  • Dubai High Rise
Big Fish Casino Automated Roulette

While six rooms are at least doable entertainment-wise, the unfortunate part is, the rooms are awkwardly designed and outdated.

Big Fish Casino Automated Blackjack

One upside is, if you’re feeling social, you can chat with the other players through the site’s live chat window.

But don’t expect a lot of socializing – the chats were pretty dead when we checked them out.

Big Fish Casino Automated Poker

And while the betting pool ranges from a few cents to thousands of dollars, the rooms are sorted by betting limits. This makes it even harder to enjoy the limited selection of games on offer.


Big Fish Casino Slots

As for the slots lobby – don’t expect much here, either. Not only are the slots limited, but they’re initially locked. Players can only unlock the full selection by progressing through 57 levels.

At the very least, the (mostly inactive) chat window is still available for socializing. And there are jackpots and progressive jackpots on offer!

The betting pool is also budget-friendly, starting at a few cents and rising to hundreds of dollars.

Playing at Big Fish Casino

Big Fish Casino Members Area

Like the main site, Big Fish Casino’s member’s area is vertically designed for easy mobile gaming. It’s also responsive and offers a smooth user experience.

Big Fish Casino Mobile Play

But if you don’t want to bother with the site, you can download the iOS or Android app instead!

Big Fish Casino VIP Program

Despite Big Fish Casino’s gaming experience already resembling a rewards program (without the rewards), they also offer a separate VIP program.

With the VIP program, players earn access to premium slots and tournaments, collection and VIP point multipliers, the maximum amount of daily spins, monthly VIP bonuses, and more.

If you want to take a chance on Big Fish Casino, start the verification process ASAP! You’ll be stuck with an empty fishing lure otherwise.

Big Fish Casino Reviews – What Are People Saying?

Unfortunately, the reviews we found for Big Fish Casino are actually for the parent site, Big Fish Games. And they aren’t very happy.

Customers rate the site at 1.6/5 stars based on 131 reviews.

Carl leaves one of the only positive reviews, saying overall he likes them. The games are cheap, and customer support is helpful. He also chastises angry customers for not paying attention to what they’re purchasing.

Big Fish Casino Player Review

Frank appears to be one of those customers. He accuses the site of robbing people and relying on gambling addictions to “fleece you out of your money.”

Big Fish Casino Player Review 2

Pamela is just as unhappy, warning potential customers not to waste their time on Big Fish or Tapjoy diamond incentives, as the site doesn’t pay them out.

Big Fish Casino Player Review 3

Meanwhile, both Jennifer and Edward complain about purchased games not activating or downloading. When trying to contact support, both customers struggled to get a response.

Big Fish Casino Player Review 4
Big Fish Casino Player Review 5

With such negative reviews, a lack of live dealer games and an outdated feel. We would recommend checking out our list of the best online casinos instead.

And if you’ve played at Big Fish Casino then please leave your review below!